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                  Call Us: 905-883-9355 receptionrhnt@gmail.com Richmond Hill Natural Therapies Spa Namaste Reviews Our Reviews We are delighted to offer
                  Eminence Logo
                  In our facials & body wraps
                  Welcome to
                  Spa Namaste
                  Finally, a Medi Spa with reasonable prices and holistic services!
                  Richmond Hill Spa Namaste
                  Treat Yourself To
                  One of Our Spa Services
                  We don't cut corners; we perform our treatments thoroughly and professionally to ensure results and relaxation.
                  Richmond Hill Spa Namaste
                  Check in Regularly
                  To see what we have on special
                  Our Spa also offers beautiful body treatments at reasonable prices. We always have a 'special' running.
                  Richmond Hill Spa Namaste
                  About Richmond Hill Spa Namaste
                  Please check in regularly to see what we have on special!

                  About Spa Namaste

                  Our mission is to educate our clients and provide excellent, non toxic esthetic services and products at an affordable price performed in a healing environment. We named ourselves after the word NAMASTE (pronounced NAH-MA-STAY). A Sanskrit word meaning: The divine in me bows or recognizes the divine in you. This reflects how we run our business; in a loving, wholistic, ethical way.

                  We offer 2 distinct Spa Menus, Spa Services performed by RMT/Estheticians (fully or partially covered by insurance) and Spa Services performed by our Medical Esthetician.

                  The Spa Services performed by our Medical Esthetician(s) are:
                  • Specialized Facials (including mini, teen, men's and organic)
                  • Microdermabrasion
                  • PCA Pumpkin, Mandeliclear and Glycolic Peels
                  • Cocoa Enzyme Treatment
                  • Waxing
                  • Lash and Brow Tinting
                  • Lash Lifting
                  • Misencil Eye Lash Extensions
                  • Microblading for Your Brows
                  • Aromatherapy Body Polish and Shea Butter Treatment
                  • Skin Tightening for Face and Body
                  • Fat Blasting and Cellulite Treatment
                  • Fractora Skin Resurfacing
                  • Spa Manicures and Pedicures (including shellac)
                  • Vasculyse for Skin tags, Milia, Capillaries and Hyperpigmentation
                  • Teeth Whitening
                  • Makeup Services

                  The Spa services performed by our Nurse Practitioner are:
                  • Botox and Dysport Injections
                  • Fillers including Juvaderm, Restylane, Revanesse and Emervel
                  • Medical Injections for Hyperhydrosis and Teeth Grinding

                  The skin care lines we carry are highly effective and delicious. One of our lines is 100% Organic using only the purest essential oils and herbs to increase healing properties for your skin without causing harmful side effects to your body.* We also carry other lines to ensure consumer satisfaction.

                  Our highly qualified estheticians have years of experience and expertise to help you look your best. We go the extra mile in our treatments including full one hour microdermabrasion facials including massage. We don't cut corners; we perform our treatments thoroughly and professionally to ensure results and relaxation.

                  Our Spa also offers beautiful body treatments at reasonable prices. Our RMTs enable most of our spa body treatments to be covered by insurance. And we always have a 'special' running no matter what time of the year in order to keep things exciting and affordable. Aromatherapy oils wafting through the air, candles burning and soft music playing in the background all set the stage for relaxation. We take extra measures to ensure the ambiance in the Spa is relaxing and pleasing.

                  *Parabens and many other known carcinogenic ingredients are still a big part of many skin care lines.
                  Check back often!
                  Richmond Hill Spa Namaste

                  20% off Cosmetic Injectables (first time Clients) Richmond Hill Spa Namaste Specials
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                  Microblading. New Lower Price! Richmond Hill Spa Namaste Specials
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                  Save $10! Add a One Hour Facial to Any Service From RHNT or Spa. Richmond Hill Spa Namaste Specials
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                  Teeth Whitening Package Richmond Hill Spa Namaste Specials
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                  Forma RF Skin Tightening For Face Richmond Hill Spa Namaste Specials
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                  Tite Fx Permanent Fat Reduction Richmond Hill Spa Namaste Specials
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                  What People Are Saying
                  Richmond Hill Spa Namaste

                  Great atmosphere!!! Very welcoming the moment you walk in. Received a facial from April. Very knowledgeable. Truly enjoyed my experience and will definitely be back to have many more facials with April.
                  A lovely experience during my first visit at the clinic for a massage. Staff friendly and helpful and room and linens were clean and relaxing. I especially liked the lavender essential oil which added to the relaxation. I plan to visit again.
                  Had an amazing massage with Patrizia, she gives great pressure and released some very tight muscles. Reception staff is friendly and attentive and the clinic has a soothing, calm atmosphere, Can't wait to be back for my next massage!

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                  Our Clinic
                  Richmond Hill Spa Namaste

                  Our Sister Company Richmond Hill Natural Therapies has been established for over 21 years and offers...

                  Acupuncture  |  Acupuncture with RMT  |  Chiropractic Care  |  Colon Hydrotherapy  |  Cranio Sacral Therapy  |  Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture  |  Hot Stone Massage
                  Warm Bamboo Massage  |  Fascial Release  |  Structural Integration  |  Infrared Sauna + Shower  |  Laser Therapy  |  Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork  |  Massage Therapy
                  Naturopathic Services  |  Osteopathic Services  |  Reflexology  |  Reiki  |  Shiatsu  |  Thai Massage
                  We Offer a Number Of
                  Spa Services
                  Cosmetic Injections: Botox, Dysport & Fillers  |  Organic Facials  |  Forma RF Skin Tightening For Face  |  Forma Plus RF Skin Tightening For Body
                  Fractora Skin Resurfacing Treating Scars, Signs of Aging & Sagging Skin  |  Lash & Brow Tinting  |  Makeup Services  |  Massage Therapy  |  Microblading Your Brows
                  Microdermabrasion & Peels  |  Nails  |  Body Treatments Sugar Scrubs & Back Facials  |  RMT Body & Face Treatments  |  Teeth Whitening
                  Tite Fx Fat and Cellulite Reduction  |  Vasculyse For Skin Tags, Milia, Pigment, Broken Capillaries  |  Waxing
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